Check It Out!

Newcomb Team vs. Teachers!

Come and cheer on the Newcomb Team against the Teachers!
Our team is getting ready to play a County Tournament so come out and support them!

 Tuesday, October 2nd @ 2:00 pm
$1 per student and under school-aged children
$2 per adult
***School-aged students not enrolled at WJES are not allowed***

*Some information the teachers want to share...

We have a few field trips to announce...

* 2nd & 3rd grades will be going to The American Village on 
November 1. (Cost will be posted as soon as we have that 

*Kindergarten and 1st grades will be going to the Pumpkin Patch on October 11. It will cost $15 per student and chaperones will be $12.

*Kindergarten and 1st will also be going to Wee Folks with Children's Theater and they will be seeing "The Three Little Kittens" on February 14. It will cost $10.25 per student and they will not be bringing chaperones.

*4th, 5th, and 6th grades will post their field trips soon. They are planning on two big trips, so stay tuned!


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