Check It Out!

*Information about field trips...

All grades will be going to the town hall to visit the Festival of Trees on November 14.  Please make sure to turn in the Permission to Travel forms by that morning.  If students do not have a form, they will not be allowed to go.  We will not be calling for permission.

4th, 5th, and 6th grades will be going to Rickwood Caverns State Park on Friday, November 16th.  ***Permission to Travel form and money MUST be turned in by Tuesday, Nov. 13.  Since we do not have a permanent bookkeeper, she must write checks for field trips when she is here.  We understand that in the past we have made exceptions to late money, that is no longer possible.  Thank you so much for your understanding.

*Kindergarten and 1st will also be going to Wee Folks with Children's Theater and they will be seeing "The Three Little Kittens" on February 14. It will cost $10.25 per student and they will not be bringing chaperones.



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